Wednesday, April 22, 2015

From Blog to E-Zine, the Transition of "The Lifestyles of the Authentic & Creative."

Saying goodbye to this blog after 4.5 years, I'm publishing a luscious, fabulous & fun monthly art, design, culture e-zine instead delivered FREE to my subscribers. 
It will debut on April 1st and be chockfull of inspiration, art shows to see, new trendsetters to watch, and the new Jypsea Leathergoods collection photo shoots! 
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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Amara Organics Vitamin C Serum Review

Can I tell you that I LOVE this product? First, I must admit that I have rather decent skin to begin with. But there are these little dark spots, two on my jawline and a few on my neck, that drive me nuts. I had pretty much determined that they are now a permanent part of my body and accepted failure at my attempts to dissolve them....until NOW. 

This amazing serum claims to diminish dark spots and it tells no lie. In under a month, the two on my jaw line are nearly invisible and the spots on my neck are practically gone, as well. These spots have been with me for over 7 years and now, they are nearly gone in under a month. 
AND, I still have 75% of the content left. It is a HUGE value for the money ($19.95) and worth every dime.

Forget the facelift, lasers, and chemical peels! Vitamin C has been shown to be just as effective at reversing the effects of time and environmental damage to the skin.

Notice brighter, smoother skin after your first use of our Vitamin C Serum. As the serum penetrates deep into your skin, you can feel confident knowing you are reversing skin aging and preventing further damage at the same time.

-Increases the production of collagen to bring back skin's natural elasticity and counteract fine lines and wrinkles

-Powerful antioxidant properties neutralize free radicals to reverse damage caused by the sun, pollutants, and cigarette smoke

-Protects your skin from UV damage such as age spots, discoloration, and fine lines

-Improves skin texture to give you a smoother, brighter complexion

-Combined with Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid for extra powerful anti-aging effects

Only good stuff inside: They use the best, natural plant-based ingredients available, with no parabens, no alcohol, and no animal testing. Natural, Vegan, & Cruelty-Free. Made in the USA. 

Plus, they have the highest level of customer service and money-back guarantee:
"All our products are backed up by a hassle free 365-day money back guarantee (no returns necessary). We follow up personally on every purchase and are always available to answer questions or address any concerns our customers may have." 
(This post is sponsored post but all true.)

Get The Anti-Aging Power Of Vitamin C:

Monday, March 9, 2015

Weight Loss Product Review: Zenwise Labs Advanced Green Tea Extract + Vitamin C

3 weeks ago I received a bottle of 120 gluten-free vegetarian capsules of Advanced Green Tea Extract + Vitamin C from the kind folks from Zenwise Labs. Hmmm, two of my fave nutrients in one tablet? Definitely down to be their guinea pig after reading the benefits:
  • Assists with weight loss by increasing fat burning & improving physical performance
  • Cholesterol reduction
  • Lessens the risk of heart disease
  • Loaded with powerful antioxidants 
I love fitness, vitamins, clean eating, juicing---all that GOOD STUFF. And I weigh myself a few times a week just to know where I am, not for dieting but just to stay on point.
Therefore, I notice changes in body pretty easily. And what I noticed with this vitamin is that my energy level has really improved. But weight loss? Not really. I have lost 2lbs in 3 weeks and I can lose that just by skipping a meal or two in a week. On the flip side, I have been doing more toning lately and so I could be losing fat and gaining muscles (which weigh more) which may be what is keeping the scale steady.
Who knows? All I know is that I weigh the same now as I did 3 weeks ago, pretty much. 
But again, my energy has increased and the tablets are tasteless so it doesn't both me to take them in the morning with my daily multi-vitamins.

But hey, give them a try yourself and let me know your results!

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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Water Company Converts Couches into Running Shoes

To get folks off of the couch and moving more, which of course leads to more water drinking, water brand Vittel--based in the UK, has come up with an innovative idea. Customers upload a photo of their sofa to Vittel’s website and send in a cut of the fabric of their couch. A team of designers and shoemakers then use the fabric to create a pair of unique sneakers, based on a custom design created for the project. Shoes are sent out within a few weeks.
Many previous creations can be browsed on Vittel’s site.

I think it's clever...just not clever enough to ruin my furniture for. Luckily, I am already very active. What do you think?

Monday, March 2, 2015

Art Star: International Model and Fine Artist, Alek McLean

1. Please introduce yourself.  My name is Patasha 'Alek' McLean and I'm an international model and award winning visual artist.

2. What do you create? Art. That's the best and simplest way to describe what I do. Let's say ... if you can visualize it, I can make it a reality.

3. How did you get started on your create path? I started as a young child; at the age of two. My family thought my behavior was not one that was "normal" when art was involved so they signed me up for everything artistic you could think of; even performing arts. 

4. What inspires you to create? I'm inspired daily, whether by experiences or others' stories, nature, random thoughts etc. I always feel the need to create something bigger than my previous creation so I always try to outdo myself.

5. How have you been able to make a living by being your creative, authentic self? I'd say this to the modern man, don't ever think that settling is an option. Find your target markets and aim your business towards them. If you feel stifled creatively then do personal projects that will allow you to create outside of the box by also market yourself to gain more clients.

6. What new projects are your working on? I am currently working on my 's.e.l.f by self' art exhibition in Miami. S.E.L.F means Someone Everyone Loves Forgetting. This exhibition is about the individual and how they may get caught up in other people not take the time to care about themselves. I took the role of being the main subject, dissected my feelings about how I view myself and the things I may have forgotten about me and just expressed that on wood, using paint, ink and lacquer.

7. How can people find and support your work?

Instagram: @alekmclean

Thursday, February 26, 2015

The New Edition Story Could Be Coming to a Theater Near You!

I am a full-blown NE fan. I would stand in line for hours in the rain to see them live, still today.
So yeah, I'm checking for this:

Learn more about the project here:

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Color Field Painting & The Work of Sam Gilliam

In the Contemporary Art Seminar course I am taking now, I recently learned about an art movement that I hadn't heard of before: The Color Field Movement. It started in the 1950s after Jackson Pollack died. Willem de Kooning became the biggest name in Abstract Expressionism and an emerging artist at the time named Mark Rothko pioneered Color Field painting to resist influence from Kooning.

The blocks of pure color without any representation of anything "real" is what I like. Here are some of my faves:

Morris Louis, "Alphia Pi" 1960

William T. Williams, "Trane" 1969

Sam Gilliam, "Ionesque" 1965
Within the Color Field Movement emerged a Black man from Mississippi named Sam Gilliam. Gilliam received his B.A. in fine art and his M.A. in painting from the University of Louisville in Kentucky.  He was the first to remove paintings from the boundaries of the canvas frame. He was inspired to do this by observing laundry hanging outside his Washington studio. His drape paintings were suspended from ceilings, arranged on walls or floors, and they represent a sculptural, third dimension in painting. Gilliam states that his paintings are based on the fact that the framework of the painting is in real space. Gilliam's draped canvases change in each environment they are arranged in and frequently he embellishes the works with metal, rocks, and wooden beams.
Sam Gilliam in W Magazine last month

Sam Gilliam

Sam Gilliam

Sam Gilliam

Because the art I study seeps into my subconscious, I notice how it shows up in my own artwork. I have designed bags inspired by Egyptian hieroglyphics, Abstract Expressionism, and most recently, over the weekend, I painted canvas seats and added leather patches; inspired by the Color Field Movement.

Color Field benches by Terina Nicole
My Color Field inspired benches

Hieroglyphics clutch by Terina Nicole
My Egyptian Hieroglyphics-inspired clutch

Abstract Expressionist upcycled hobo bag by Terina Nicole
My Abstract Expressionist-inspired hobo bag

Does art history seep into your work or style? 

"Classic Man" by Jidenna

My favorite new video. All these beautiful people with extra fly vibes excite me plus it has a dope message.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

My Bedroom, My Mini Retreat

These days I spend 90% of my time, when at home, in my bedroom. This was never the case in the past, preferring to sprawl out in my livingroom or lounge in my backyard. But in my current dwelling, my bedroom is my everything room just because it's the one room in the house that is all about me. It's the place I do yoga, write papers for school, sketch new designs for Jypsea Leathergoods, mediate and of course, sleep.
I even have a sewing machine in here behind a beautiful Asian screen.
Here are some shots:

Get great bedding sets, amazing scented candles/incenses, comfy pillows, a few pieces of furniture that really speak to your personal aesthetic, and art that you enjoy; you'll barely leave your little retreat either. 
What's your favorite room?

Monday, February 9, 2015

DIY: Make Your Own Heart Gloves

I'll be rocking Jypsea Leathergoods "LOVE" fingerless leather mini gloves this Sat 

but for you, here is an awesomely easy fashion DIY.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

10 Valentine's Day Handbags under $100

No matter your style: Corporate, Housewife, Eco-lover, Party Girl, etc.; we all want to look great on a Valentine's Day date with a color-coordinated handbag that suits our personality. Here are a few great budget-friendly finds!

Erin Crossbody Bag ($98)

Fossil - Women's Fossil 'Small Erin' Crossbody Bag
Fossil - Women's Fossil 'Small Erin' Crossbody Bag - $98.00, Free shipping - Available at Nordstrom
(2 reviews)

Vecceli Alligator Embossed Red Handbag ($66)

Vecceli Italy - Italy Alligator Embossed Red Handbag

Classic Crocodile Pattern Handbag ($48)

Keral - Womens Classic Crocodile Pattern Handbag PU Leather Shoulder Messenger Bags Red

Leather Purse Hobo Shoulder Handbag ($30)

HESHE - Heshe Women Fashion Genuine Cow Leather Purse Hobo Shoulder Handbag

Zippered Expandable Tote Handbag ($40)

Tosca - Zippered Expandable Tote Handbag (Red)

Vegan Leather Blake Hobo ($50)

Shiraleah - Vegan Leather Blake Hobo (Red)

Cotton & Leather Market Bag ($60)

Jypsea Leathergoods - Distant Lover Market Bag
Jypsea Leathergoods- Distant Lover Market Bag with leather trim and Tassels in Croc Red Leather - $60, Available at Etsy.

Bonus! Cotton & Leather Tote Bag ($55)

Jypsea Leathergoods - Distant Lover Tote Bag
Jypsea Leathergoods- Distant Lover Coton Twill Tote with leather trim and Tassels in Croc Red Leather- $55, Available at Etsy.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links provided by Postpresso.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Get Through Winter FABULOUSLY and On Budget!

Target: Make An Entrance Scarf only $14!
Here in NJ, my kid has another snow day. It's been cold and wet a lot lately AND I seriously abhor the winter. The only way to survive this arctic freeze is to don the warmest gear when leaving the house. But trying to do so and while remaining cute can be a challenge so here are my Favorite Fabulous Winter Accessories. AND, to help everyone stay on their New Year's resolution budget, every last one of these is currently ON SALE or otherwise priced right! You're welcome. :)
Gap: Fur Trim Puffer Sale

Gap: Cozy Striped Colorblocked Scarf Sale

Barneys New York: Long Puffer Coat Sale
Barneys New York: Buffalo Checked Scarf

Target: Black Leather Gloves on Clearance

Target: Vintage-style Knit Beret on Clearance

Friday, January 23, 2015

January 2015 Art/Design Opportunities Round-up

One of my objectives  with this blog is to help make emerging artists and designers aware of other awesome artists and designers plus share resources that I come across in my day-to-day life.
So to share the valuable resources that I am aware of, approx. once a month I will drop a "Round-Up" of art/design-related opportunities.
Here ya go:
Best of luck! Need an extra boost of motivation? View this vid!